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Our mission is to make Ital a part of everyones awareness, on a more practical level. It is safe to say that, ital as a diet has its code of etiquette and flavor all it own, but as a principle it is in a category by itself and should be recognized as such.

It is therefore, the mission of the iRiE Foundation to define, refine, establish and protect the principles and discipline of ital, as it is our responsibility. Subsequently iTAL Certified was conceived and developed as a legal and legitimate Ital certification seal to promote and protect its integrity. The seal can and should be used by those companies that adheres to the principles of Ital as per the guidelines, and provides a product or service that meets the criteria. A certified ital product assures customers that they are supporting an earth friendly business with a conscience ,while consuming quality. The principles are upheld by quarterly checks and balances and are implemented by trained and qualified reps or agents of iTAL Certified. All types of businesses will be able to take advantage of the Ital certification but the agricultural, restaurant, packaged food and body-care industries will be the primary users.

In the theology of Rastafari, human carnivorous appetite stems out of a fallen nature steeped in unconsciousness of self and environment. In contrast, the Italist knowledge of self empowers them in educating themselves about herbs and botanicals and the benefits there in. Subsequently, the connection between self and environment forbids the killing of fellow non-human animals to be used as food. The intelligent choice of creating minimal impact on the environment by eating consciously of non-GMO herbs, nuts, fruits, grains, legumes, roots and vegetables has been the age old tradition of the Rastafarians. This botanical root, according to Rastas, is the Ital consciousness of the pre fallen nature.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. Ital is vital.

Cows grazing on a feast of green in the fertile Jamaican pastures. Chlorophyll is essential in sustaining animal life in more ways than one. We all need it. Even carnivorus animals knows to eat grass for medicinal reasons. " dawg hafi know wen fi naam grass "
A hearty salad made with fresh back-yard garden vegetables, black rice, quinoa and shredded coconut.