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The iRiE Foundation (International Rastafarian iTal Etiquette)

Is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and establishment of Ital as a conscious code of discipline.

The iTAL Certified seal is owned, trademarked and issued by the iRiE Foundation, an organization that was founded as an educational charity to protect and propagate the integrity of Ital as a conscious lifestyle. As a registered educational charity our aim is to increase understanding and awareness of Ital livity and vegetarianism. We give talks and workshops to school, colleges and community groups. We research and compile a monthly newsletter updating and informing the masses about the latest events pertaining to Ital vegetarian world. We work constructively with businesses and community groups to develop effective methods and habits to live a greener life. We develop and implement new standards by which Ital is perceived, understood and embraced. Our goal is to make ital a part of everyones awareness, on a more practical level.

We are a legitimate Ital certification organization that issues the iTAL Certified and iTAL Conscious seals of approval to qualified products and services. Our motto is to cultivate love, reverence and respect for all life forms, through propagation by practice of an Ital lifestyle. The iRiE Foundation is the only organization in the world, and the first of its kind, to promote Ital as a bonafide approval certification seal. The Ital symbol is the only legally registered trademark for Ital accreditation and is used only upon approval by the iRiE Foundation, to those businesses that meets the Ital criteria.

The iRiE Foundation board of directors is composed of seasoned and enlightened italist that are hand-picked from the Rastafarian community at large. They are vibrant examples of what it means to be ital and are living repositories of wisdom, who is open to share the resource of their life with others. They are not rigid vegetarians or judgmental vegans preaching any vegetarian gospel to carnivorous. In fact we are compassionate, life loving earthlings that is not anti anything, but pro-life for the protection of the entire planet. We believe that where there is space to learn, there is room to grow. With that we are constantly researching and educating ourselves about the latest developments and discoveries in the field of intelligent consumerism and Eco-living. This is a grassroots foundation that sees the need to plant roots and nurture them, in order to bring forth the ripest harvest for the future.

Being cognizant of the fact that many people are not aware of ital and its principles, we've made it our primary aim to make educational information more accessible. We've taken the responsible position of breaking new grounds, by taking Ital to the level of certification, and as such, will encounter objectivity from some fellow italist on various levels. We encourage all comments and feedback, as The iRiE Foundation is a community charity that is open to the ongoing dialogue with the public in order to implement change and help shape the future of ital as a viable alternative lifestyle.

We've been conditioned from infancy to love animals, from the most domesticated to the wildest and fiercest of beasts. Most of us grow up having pets or stuffed animals, that we love and identify with in such emotional ways, that they have become time honored members of the family. The emotional connection that we've nurtured over time with our pets, compels us to feel their joys and pains and to protect them with force, if necessary. It is in the nature of all parents, in every species, mothers in particular, to protect their young from any form of harm. That innate sense of protection is essential to their future and determines to a large extent the mortality rate of that genus. The point is, all creatures are wired with the will to live and will exact measures of judgement to prevent death or destruction, by fight or flight.

We believe in nurturing the common connection between animals and humans to the point of a profound recognition of self in the other. This we believe to be a necessary factor in ending cruelty and blatant violence against animals. We wouldn't eat our pets, the same way we wouldn't eat our friends. There is a marked difference in the way that we treat the people we feel connected to, as opposed to those we don't identify with. Human history is marred with countless atrocities as a result of human failure to see the common thread that weaves us together in an intricate family vineyard. Let us stay connected.
A lush valley of fertile farmland in the heart of the Jamaican countryside. The pristine tranquility of the landscape is breathtaking, it gives you the feeling that this little green planet is the most amazing place we know, with countless mysteries unrevealed. We owe it to ourselves to love her unconditionally, even as she first loved us.
Man's best friend, or faithful companion. Whichever you choose we share a deep, even dependent, relationship.
Believe it or not, this is a family at breakfast under the watchful and protective eye of the mother.
A Rastafarian craftman, Ras Potter, who still brings clay to life the old-fashion way, mines and prepare his medium in the tradition of the early inhabitants of this tiny island of Jamaica. He believes that nothing is wrong with this ancient method of pottery, which has survived throughout the civilizations and will be here long after most of us are gone. It is a tradition tried and tested by the fire which we continue to need